Majestic Lighthouse Screensaver

Majestic Lighthouse Screensaver

Majestic Lighthouse Screensaver brings information and beauty to your desktop
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Are you looking for a way to obtain the latest news on your PC?
Would you like to have a clock on your screen?
How about receiving a weather report of your city?
Majestic Lighthouse Screensaver will bring information and beauty to your desktop

This awesome screensaver is more than you could have expected.
It will take you to a distant place in the ocean, where a beautiful lighthouse stands proudly against the waves, ready to guide ships to safety.

The building itself is very pretty, with its reflector circling at the top.
The ocean is calm for the moment, but the clouds in the background announce a storm. This is when the lighthouse has to prove its worthy to be able to shed some light upon the approaching ships.

You will listen to the sound of surf against the rocks, as well as the flying birds singing occasionally.
The scene is so relaxing, that you will be able to forget about your daily troubles and routine, and let your mind wander to nicer places.

But, in case this is not enough, or that even while relaxing you need to stay in touch with reality, there is still much more.

Majestic Lighthouse Screensaver includes the ability to connect to the Internet and show you the latest news extracted directly from different news channels.
It also includes a connection with Yahoo! Weather Service to provide you with the latest information of your city or of almost any major city in the world.

You will surely enjoy this excellent screensaver, and, in case you start relaxing too much, the program also includes a clock on your screen, so you will not forget to go back to work.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very relaxing
  • Good information
  • Weather for many cities


  • I wish it had more scenes
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